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What is Counselling?

I recognise that life is a journey that can sometimes be a struggle. Life in this modern world is often chaotic, stressful and moves at such a fast pace, yet our reptilian brains are still designed to deal with cave man threats. This can lead to our bodies being flooded with fight, flight or freeze responses.  In time these can build and lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression and low level trauma if not dealt with correctly. Having the support to help you through is not always easy to find.

I strive to provide a counselling service that is quick and stress free to access. I provide a safe confidential place for you to explore your issues and concerns.  Together we can  build a trusting relationship that will allow the therapeutic process to take place providing you with the tools to move forward.

I am trained to work with adults and children over the age of 9 years.

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